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We join with families in their journeys to create new beginnings

We offer services in advocacy for Mental Health, Education, Behavior, and Social;
and provide specific trainings using evidence based, and trauma sensitive resources.


 What is an advocate?                                                                                  

An advocate is someone who can help you speak up so that your needs are heard,
your rights are understood, and your problems are resolved.

 What can an advocate do?                                                                          

An Advocate can play a variety of roles, including:

  • Speak for you and represent your views when you feel unable to do this yourself.

  • Provide information and guidance.

  • Attend meetings, hearings or appointments.

  • Clarify processes and procedures.

  • Gather and organize information and documentation.


 Areas in which you may use an advocate                                                  


  • Navigating the mental health system for yourself or a family member

  • Attend meetings regarding mental health services and specialists



  • Navigating the educational system for your child

  • Attend educational meetings with teachers or professionals with the family

  • Attend meetings for Individual Education Plans (IEP)



  • Positive Behavior Support Plan

  • Outside behavioral resources

  • Behavioral management



  • Development of social skills and experiences

  • Creating natural social supports

  • Assistance in finding support through community agencies and resources

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